Day 351

I took these photos and this video this morning at The Peace Gathering at Belfast City Hall. I went along with my friend James and joined hundreds of other people who felt it was time that the voice of the silent majority in Northern Ireland was heard. Many people wanted to attend this event but were afraid to because of threats that there would be a counter demonstration (only in Belfast could people threaten to disrupt a protest for peace).

There have been protests for the past two weeks in Belfast after the City council voted to remove the Union Flag from City Hall and only fly it on certain designated days. These protests have cost our economy thousands as they disrupted traffic and put people off going into the city centre to shop. Some of the protests have been violent and 40 police officers have been injured. Elected representatives have had their lives threatened and once again images of a violent Belfast have been beamed across the world.

This gathering was not about a flag. I love this city and today was about showing the world that there is much more to Belfast than two communities at war.

So for 5 minutes this morning the silent majority were very noisy indeed!







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3 thoughts on “Day 351

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  2. Your city really is wonderful, and I hope for the best for you and everyone there. This new round of conflict will not keep my wife and I away. We look forward to visiting Belfast again right after the New Year.

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